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The Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

Getting custody of a child is never easy. The battle for the right to raise the child can be a very emotional one, and you need a skilled attorney to help you through it. While Missouri considers joint custody to be optimal, many couples still struggle with child...

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, you will likely be in need of a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal charge is a serious matter, and the consequences can affect you for years to come. A criminal conviction can land you in jail, and your criminal record will have...

Why Hiring a Probate Lawyer is Important

If your loved one has passed away, you might be looking for a Probate Lawyer. While probate is an important legal process, it can be complicated and time-consuming. The length of a probate case varies widely depending on the state and the case. Some cases are only a...

Why You Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer

A domestic violence attorney can be invaluable for those who have been accused of a crime and are trying to protect their family. Although domestic violence prosecutions can be difficult to navigate, they can have significant consequences. In addition to jail time and...

How to Conduct a Title Search in Georgia

The process of a title search in Georgia involves checking a property's records. This is to ensure that it is legally owned and free of any liens. Although the process of a title search is generally accurate, it is not foolproof. A homeowner may discover an...

The Importance of Car Accident Reports

You should always file motor vehicle accident reports as soon as possible after an accident. Not only will it save you time and money, but you will also have a record of the accident if you decide to file a claim. You should never hesitate to file a car accident...

The Importance of Hiring DWI Lawyers

It is imperative to hire a Kansas City DWI lawyer for your drunk driving case. These attorneys are highly trained and experienced. The process of defending a DUI charge is complicated and carries serious consequences. The services of an attorney can make a big...

Estate Planning & Business Lawyer Chino

An Estate Planning & Business Lawyer Chino, California can help you plan for the future by drafting and executing estate plans. The attorneys at Edwards Legal will assist you in navigating complex court proceedings, including estate probate. They will also help...

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