When you need to contact someone in jail, you can use the Steubenville City Jail’s telephone. This service allows you to communicate with the detainee through letter. During the day, you can receive up to three letters a day. During the night, you can only speak to a prisoner via telephone. You can reach him or her through the mail. In addition, the Steubenville City Jail has a public library with a collection of local books.

Steubenville court connect, Ohio has three courts. The city has a population of 18,194 and an area of 11 square miles. That means that there is 1 court per 3,600 residents or 6,064 people. In terms of Courts per square mile, Steubenville ranks 257th out of 1454 cities. Courts in Steubenville, Ohio include federal, state, district, criminal, appeals, family, traffic, and small claims courts.